Creativity in 2021: The shock of the wow

Renowned ad creative Graham Fink has recently launched an online creativity course, Fink Different. Here he explains why creatives needn’t fear the AI robots, and should always be aiming for ‘wow’

Wow! They say more data has been produced in the last two years than since the beginning of time. I wonder if we are now happier? I guess we can just check the data to find out. And has it made the creative work better?

Put the Cannes winners to one side for a minute and look at the general day-to-day standard of creativity we see on our screens, on posters and in print. I’m not sure we are progressing that much. Maybe even going backwards. Perhaps we are ripe for a takeover? I bet AI is eyeing us up.

I’m doing some work with a couple of robots right now: One is Sophia, perhaps the world’s most celebrated humanoid robot, who has ideas way above her station. And Ai-Da, the world’s first humanoid robot artist, who has a big exhibition of her work at the Design Museum in London. I think her art is incredible. She’s not just painting and drawing, but making sculptures with her hands.

AI is now writing ads, designing them, directing them, taking the photographs and composing the music. And all this whilst thrashing us at chess.