Creativity Sucks! enters the metaverse

For the latest edition of Creative Review’s new podcast series, we examine the state of the metaverse, and discuss how, why and when brands should be getting involved

Creativity Sucks! aims to take a clear-eyed look at the commercial creative industries and examine the topics of the day in design and advertising. And what bigger, more discussed topic has there been in 2022 than the metaverse?

We’ve seen a heady mix of hype and cynicism dominate think pieces and panel talks about the metaverse over the past year, so it seems a good moment for our podcast to take stock and go back to basics, by asking a simple question: ‘What actually is the metaverse?’

Joining host Eliza Williams in attempting to answer this question are three expert guests: Emma Chiu, global director at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence; Wayne Deakin, global principal at Wolff Olins; and Grace Francis, global chief creative and design officer at Wongdoody.

During the conversation, the panel examines what the metaverse looks like in 2022; what it might become in the future; how brands should be considering it; and the desirability of digital tacos.

Listen to the episode below or wherever you usually receive your podcasts: