New podcast episode looks at advertising and ethics

Guests from Revolt, Publicis MENA, and Nice & Serious join the Creativity Sucks! podcast to discuss greenwashing, B Corp, and how attitudes towards ethics in the advertising industry are changing

In this new episode of Creativity Sucks! we’re tackling the often thorny issue of ethics in advertising: in particular how agencies decide which clients they work with, and what boundaries there are in terms of the type of work that they will create.

This is a question that has long troubled the advertising industry, but has come into renewed focus recently in relation to climate change and the idea of ‘greenwashing’ – the practice whereby brands and businesses use marketing to appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are.

We have gathered three guests from the industry to share their experiences and explain how the agencies they are part of address this topic. They are: Pippa Morris, head of strategy at UK and US based agency Revolt; Alexander Obradovic, head of experience for Publicis Groupe MENA; and Tom Tapper, co-founder and CEO of London-based creative agency Nice & Serious.

Guests Alexander Obradovic, Pippa Morris, and Tom Tapper

In a conversation led by Creative Review editor Eliza Williams, they talk about the role of agencies in creating meaningful change with clients, how you lead teams where members might have different ethical positions, and the influence of B Corp on the advertising industry.

Listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts. And if you enjoyed this episode, you might want to listen back to previous episodes of the Creativity Sucks! podcast, where we have examined brand purpose, the influence of advertising and design in politics, and much more. You can find all the episodes here.