Creativity Sucks! podcast asks what Gen Z really wants

In our latest edition of the CR podcast, guests including Mother’s Vairi MacLennan, Woo’s Stephen Mai, and the Digital Fairy’s Efemena Okogba discuss what makes Gen Z different

Creativity Sucks! podcast

It doesn’t feel very long ago that brands and marketers were obsessed with millennials, targeting all their communications at that generation and analysing them to death. Now though, attention has shifted to the next age group to come up the pipeline: Gen Z.

For the cynical amongst you, this new preoccupation may seem rooted simply in brands’ preoccupation with youth – ie now the millennials are hitting 40 they are no longer the priority. There is bound to be some truth to this, though as this episode of CR’s podcast Creativity Sucks! reveals, there are some other unique elements to Gen Z too, which will likely resonate up the generations above them, changing everyone’s behaviour along the way. And it is this, as much as their youthful energy, that makes them an important group to pay attention to.

Host Eliza Williams is joined by three experts in this field – Vairi MacLennan, head of content at Mother London; Stephen Mai, founder and CEO of Woo; and Efemena Okogba, CEO at the Digital Fairy – to discuss what makes Gen Z tick, and how they changing everything from our workplaces to our brands.

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