Creativity Sucks! podcast looks at how to be a great creative leader

The latest episode of Creative Review’s podcast looks at how to nurture creative teams, with advice from Richard Holman, Rani Patel, and Sarah Watson

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Creative leadership is more complex than ever before. As creatives wrestle with rapid changes in tech, the aftermath of the pandemic and its impact on ways of working, and the need to produce more work than ever with less resources, strong leadership is vital.

Yet leaders also need to be more sensitive and empathetic than ever before – gone are the days of the ‘rock star’ creative director who terrorises teams, modern leaders need to be attuned to their creatives’ individual needs and know how to support them.

In this episode of Creativity Sucks!, host Eliza Williams is joined by three industry experts to discuss their own experiences, and offer some suggestions to others about how to create teams that are resilient and resourceful yet feel supported.

Guests Richard Holman, Rani Patel, and Sarah Watson

They are Richard Holman, who previously ran his own creative agency and is now a creative coach and author of the book Creative Demons and how to Slay Them; Rani Patel, co-founder and managing director of Calling, a creative company based in London; and Sarah Watson, who was formerly chairman at BBH New York and is now an executive coach based in NYC.

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