Creativity Sucks! podcast: How should creatives really feel about AI?

Everyone is talking about AI, but what should creatives really expect from the technology? We get stuck in via the latest edition of CR’s podcast, with help from Iain Tait, Eric Hu and Vikki Ross

Creativity Sucks! podcast

It feels like all anyone has talked about in recent months is artificial intelligence, as everyone from media outlets to your mate down the pub wants to share their experiences with the latest versions of ChatGPT and Dall-E.

For creatives – who may have once felt the uniqueness of their skills meant they were immune from AI’s perils – the recent rapid developments have led to a mix of joyful experiments and existential fears.

To discuss both sides of the story, Creativity Sucks! host Eliza Williams has convened a panel of expert guests from the industry to share their experiences, opinions and concerns. Joining her on this episode are creative Iain Tait, art director Eric Hu, and copywriter Vikki Ross.

You might think you’ve already heard all you need to know on this topic, but trust us, you haven’t. Listen to the conversation below, or wherever you receive your podcasts. And if you enjoy the show, please like and share, it really helps!