Creative Review’s podcast returns for a third series

Creativity Sucks! returns, with a new set of episodes exploring the challenges (and joys) of working in the creative industries, starting with a look at the design canon

We’re now a year on from when we first launched Creativity Sucks! and over the past two series have examined topics ranging from AI to ageism to what Gen Z really wants.

For the first episode of our third series, we’re taking on the design canon – that body of work that we use to define what ‘good’ and ‘important’ design looks like, and which shapes public perceptions of both design and designers.

Traditionally, the canon has been dominated by the work of white, male designers and western design projects. But recent years has seen a questioning of this approach, and an examination of who is left out, and why.

From left-right: Guests Nadine Chahine, Craig Oldham, and Jack Renwick

In the podcast, host Eliza Williams is joined by three guests to discuss whether the current design canon is fit for purpose: Nadine Chahine, director and principal designer at ArabicType, and CEO of I Love Typography; Craig Oldham, who runs the design practice Office of Craig, and is creative director of Rough Trade Books; and Jack Renwick, who runs branding and design agency Jack Renwick Studio and is this year’s president of design and advertising industry body D&AD.

In a wide-ranging conversation, the designers share their personal experiences in the industry, and discuss whether the current design canon serves to hold designers back, or propel them forward. Listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts. And if you enjoyed the show, please like and share, it really helps.