Crime Scenes: Traces of an (un)reality by Kay Byrne

Honourable Mention – Student/Graduate

Kay Byrne shot this series over a two-year period from 2018-20, exploring the lines between fiction and reality through the recreation of close-up evidence photographs. “The close-up evidence photograph is the last [photo] taken of a crime scene,” she explains. “It records the physical evidence (bloodstain, fingerprint, weapon, etc) and its positioning within the delimited crime scene.

“I explore the intersection between the forensic and the artistic by photographing a city-based location as if I were a crime scene photographer attending a genuine crime scene. I walk the city, searching out the physical remains of prior unseen actions. Having found a suitable subject, I show the directionality, size, and/or position of the trace/mark using authentic forensic markers.

“The use of a valid form of crime scene photography suggests these photographs are part of a case file and are genuine. However, through the narrowing down of the subject to just a few elements, the viewer must fill in the gaps in order to formulate their own narrative of what this mark/trace is.”