CR’s 30 cover: behind the scenes

We’re glad so many of you liked Rachel Thomas’s cover for our 30th birthday issue – one of her team documented the shoot for us

A lot of you have written in to say how much you liked our current cover, celebrating our 30th birthday issue. The cover was art directed by Rachel Thomas and shot at her studio in London by Marcel Christ: here’s some making-of shots

On the day of the shoot, Stroma Cairns, one of Rachel’s team, documented the process, which involved blowing large amounts of coloured confetti into the air (and unfortunately sweeping it all up and recycling it afterwards)

Keen-eyed readers may have noticed that several ’30s’ are hidden in the final image – the number 30 is featured on the plan chest drawers at the back of the studio,

the copy of David Hockney’s Camera Works on the table is open at page 30 (not so easy to spot that one…)

and the cover was shot on January 30, as shown on the calendar


Our thanks to Rachel and to her agent Bianca Redgrave and also to Celloglas who picked out a 30 on the cover in high-build varnish and foiled the logo


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