Logo fans will love Counter-Print’s new book on Cruz Novillo

A new book from Counter-Print celebrates the work of Cruz Novillo – the designer behind identities for Spain’s post office, police force and Socialist Party

Cruz Novillo: Logos published by Counter-Print

Online bookshop and publisher Counter-Print has released several graphic design books, covering everything from social media icons to crests and East Asian book covers.

Its latest title celebrates the work of Pepe Cruz Novillo – the graphic designer behind identities for the post office, rail service and national police force in his native Spain.

Novillo was born in 1936 and was a cartoonist, artist and sculptor before specialising in corporate identities. He went on to create logos and icons for art galleries, construction companies, schools, festivals, banks, laboratories and the Spanish Socialist Party as well as designing Peseta notes.

Shield for Spain’s national police service, designed by Cruz Novillo in 1986. The shield is still in use today. Novillo also oversaw the redesign of uniforms and accessories, vehicles, station signage and badges
Logos for Cines Luna, a group of four cinemas in Madrid

“His work is now so ubiquitous, it has become part of the fabric of visual culture in [Spain],” says Counter-Print.

Writing in the book’s introduction, Counter-Print’s Jon Dowling praises the timeless aesthetic of Novillo’s work and his lasting influence on graphic design. “The influence of his use of geometric shapes, simple, strong line-work and a playful, illustrative aesthetic can be seen in the work of many contemporary designers and has helped in keeping his legacy alive.”

Designs for International Year of Shelter for the Homeless (1986) and an anti-smoking campaign (1978)

“His studio Cruz más Cruz, that he now co-directs with his son Pepe Cruz Jnr … still garners praise and recognition globally…. Simultaneously, a new generation of designers are falling in love with the historical output of Cruz Novillo’s work and are beginning to appreciate its significance and importance to the visual landscape of Spain,” he writes.

Spread showing logos for Crisis and Theos (left), music festival Música Antigua Aranjuez (top right) and the National Exhibitions Centre
Logo for the Spanish Socialist Party, created by Cruz in 1977. The fist and the rose is a widely used symbol in Socialism and the party still uses the emblem today

The book contains over 300 pages of logo designs. It also includes a Q&A with Novillo in which he discusses his creative process, his inspiration and what makes a great logo.

Explaining his process when crafting logos, he says: “I strive to have a powerful semantic idea, I try to draw it in the best possible way … then I review it so that it acquires a pragmatic quality.”

It’s an inspiring resource both for designers and fans of Novillo’s work.

Icons for Madrid bar Font Romeu (left) and restaurant Ruperto de Nola (right), both created in 1971
Novillo’s identity for TV channel TVE 1 (1981)

Cruz Novillo: Logos is published by Counter-Print and costs £19.50. You can order copies here


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