CRYO for Beauty Papers by Tom Andrew

Honorable Mention: Editorial


CRYO was commissioned by Beauty Papers magazine and features a series of hand-printed photographs, created with the use of thermal camera technology. The imagery accompanied a written piece on cryotherapy by Beauty Papers editor Karl Plewka. “I wanted to make a series of photographs that were created solely through visualisations of the normally invisible, thermal world,” says Tom Andrew. “Having worked with this camera before, I had become fascinated not only with its ethereal and intimate aesthetic … but also its various and unique ways of visualising temperature….

“Skin temperature was manipulated with ice, water and blow heaters to display a journey of the effects the body goes through under changing temperature. I chose to hand print the final photographs to merge a human experience with a technology-based visualisation of temperature. This was achieved by creating negatives from the camera’s digital files before using double exposure techniques in the darkroom.”