Curater – a new service for streaming art to your home

Design, advertising and production house Acne is set to launch a digital art exhibition system which can stream curated artworks through to a limited series of ultra-thin LED canvases

Design, advertising and production house Acne is set to launch a digital art exhibition system which can stream curated artworks through to a limited series of ultra-thin LED canvases…

According to the company, the service will apparently be available next year but will do so initially as a “closed subscription-based system by invitation only” distributed to just 500 users.

Unlike Yugo Nakamura and tha ltd‘s beautiful but expensive FRAMED devices, Acne’s offer is billed as a service which will be available for a monthly fee.

Called Curater, the system incorporates a high-definition, ultra-thin LED-canvas – which can run on on a Raspberry or Banana Pi – and can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet or computer (the canvas/screen has built-in wifi).

Johan Holmgren, head of Acne R&D and co-founder of Curater claims that “to be able to consume art on a digital platform we had to create a new type of product that let people enjoy the true experience of an art piece. Something no computer or smartphone can accomplish today.”

Acne remain tight-lipped about the actual art that will be available through the service, though their press imagery shows one of photographer Weegee’s experimental pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Piggy Marilyn, from 1960. They have said that there will be six to eight different exhibitions a year and that they have paired up with several leading art institutions.

It’s an interesting venture, not least because it offers a rotating programme through which to distribute art directly to high quality screens in people’s homes, which has to be so much better than any desktop display. We look forward to seeing what the art looks like when it starts appearing on Acne’s special canvases next year.

You can register your interest at – Acne say that fifty Curater screens will be sent randomly to people who have signed up. See

Curater founders Victor Press, CEO of Acne (left) and Johan Holmgren, head of Acne R&D

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