Curating the colourful world of Accidentally Wes Anderson

The aptly named Instagram account has gained a cult following thanks to its distinctly Anderson-esque take on everyday scenes. We delve into founder Wally Koval’s considered approach when selecting images, and the importance of colour

Pastel colours, hyper-stylised symmetry and an obsessive eye for simplicity – once you’ve immersed yourself in the world of Wes Anderson’s films you can spot his distinctive aesthetic a mile off. Anderson has developed a cult following in recent years thanks to the popularity of films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs, while the secret to the director’s success has become the source of countless comment pieces and Reddit threads.

It was while stumbling across one such Reddit thread, where users were posting images that looked like they could be from one of his films, to inspire long-time Anderson fan Wally Koval to create his own tribute to the director’s work. Last year, Koval decided the move the conversation across to the more visually-appealing home of Instagram, and Accidentally Wes Anderson was born.