Andy Vella creates textural designs for The Cure’s new book

The band’s longstanding collaborator has produced layered illustrations and a deluxe edition for the new biography, which takes the form of an encyclopedia

Prominent music journalist Simon Price has released a new biography of British rock band The Cure. Published by White Rabbit, Curepedia delves into the past and present of the band, including their legacy, politics, image, and the many figures that influenced their music.

Working in the format of an encyclopaedia, Price explores and explains “miscellaneous trivia” and offers thorough analysis of The Cure’s discography, films, concerts, and appearances. There is also discussion of the meaning and thematic undertones of many of their songs – touching on the band’s personal politics and the ideologies that have for so long guided their music.

In an essay titled Boys Don’t Cry, Price even writes on the effect the band had on mental health stigma among British men, tackling issues such as toxic masculinity and stoicism. According to Price, the song in question, from which the essay takes its name, has become an “anthem for male sensitivity”.

Elsewhere, there are studies of the band’s many sources of inspiration, including the works of seminal authors like Albert Camus and Mervyn Peake, as well as the places, people, and experiences that defined their history. Price recounts the appearances they made in countries all around the world, the way in which recreational drug use influenced their sound, and the relationships they shared with their hometowns.

“The A-Z format of Curepedia will allow me to combine in-depth analysis with utter trivia in a way which is, I hope, both entertaining and informative, both factual and fun,” explains Price. “The book will also be a beautiful object to hold and to own.”

Curepedia is designed by The Cure’s long-term collaborator, and the man behind their visual identity, Andy Vella. Working across the packaging and overall design of the book, Vella brings life and colour to this extensive body of work. His contributions involved creating original cover artwork, 26 integrated full colour A-Z chapter headings, a bespoke slipcase, and a ribbon marker, among other elements.

The Deluxe Special Edition of the book also includes four additional prints (C-U-R-E), and a bookplate insert signed by Price and Vella.

Deluxe edition

Curepedia is published by White Rabbit;