D&AD announce New Blood briefs for 2017

This year’s briefs for the New Blood Awards include challenges from Amazon, the BBC, National Autistic Society and the Army


D&AD’s New Blood Awards are open to any young creative aged 23 or under, in addition to current students and those within two years of graduation. With its partners, D&AD sets real briefs, from real clients and judged by top industry creatives.

This year’s challenges are the usual mix of the commercial and those for good causes. Adobe is asking designers to create three posters that bring to life words of wisdom or advice for their peers while the BBC wants ideas for using tech to capture the spirit of the Edinburgh Festival for those who can’t attend and the National Autistic Society is asking for a short film or films to become the next stage of its Too Much Information campaign challenging stereotypes around autism.

There are 16 briefs in all. Full details here

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