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D&AD challenged winners of this year’s Student Awards to create a buzz for this year’s event. Four Swedes came up with this

D&AD challenged winners of this year’s Student Awards to create a buzz for the 2010 event. Four Swedes came up with this

The D&AD 30-Day Challenge asked 15 winners from the 2009 Student Awards “to create a buzz about the launch of the 2010 Student Awards”. They had 30 days to inspire tutors and students to take part in next year’s scheme. The prize – a 4-week paid work placement at AMV.BBDO in London.

Petter Prinz, Kaspar Prinz (students at Beckmans College of Design in Sweden), along with friends Philip Cristofor and Axel Lewenhaupt came up with the idea of the D&AD Creative Search, “a tool for other students and professionals –  to simplify the way we do research on the internet” which acts as an aggregator of creative and D&AD-related content online.

“We did not want to creat a campaign which only is current during a small period of time. We do not think that’s any good solution,” says Petter Prinz. “Instead we created a tool, especially made for creatives, that can be used in their everyday workflow – this is a campaign that will live on and instead of getting weaker over time, it will  become stronger.”

Here’s a film explaining more

The winner of the challenge will be announced on October 22

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