New Blood Academy 2017: talent showcase

The Academy Class of 2017 brought together students from all disciplines; everything from graphic design and art direction to copywriting and typography. Not just fresh talent, these people are the future of the industry – the brilliant young minds that are ready to remind you exactly what creativity’s capable of.

So if you’re looking for the names that are going to be winning awards in years to come – or your next hire – read on. Snap up this talent, before someone else does.

Alan Hong, advertising/art direction

Kate Marlowe, graphic design/illustration

Luke Brown, graphic design

Manuela Radler, graphic design/animation

Josh Eloi, advertising/copywriting

Steven O’Neil, graphic design

Roan Laenen, advertising / art direction

Shalyn Wilkins, graphic design / illustration

Stef Shaw, graphic design

Geli Luna, graphic design

Jay Culley, graphic design

Olga Kazmina, advertising / art direction

Nechama Muchnik, advertising / copywriting

Mark Nevard, graphic design

Joe Faulding, graphic design / illustration

Adam Crockett, advertising / art direction

Matthew Lewis, graphic design

Inguna Ziemele, illustration / moving image

Annabel Cook, design / art direction

Josh Thompson, advertising / copy writing

George Grant, advertising / copywriting

Perry Rowe, graphic design

Sarah Wickings, graphic design

Ollie Pearson, advertising / art direction

Henry Barton-Wong, advertising / art direction

Jake Blood, advertising / art direction

Harriet Richardson, graphic design

Meet Sampat, advertising / art direction

Mabel Dilliway, graphic design / spatial design

Conrad Haddaway, advertising / copywriting

Anna Dmitrieva, graphic design

Saul Kaplin, graphic design

Delisa Govender, advertising / art direction

Rachel Dawson, graphic design

Lina Lindberg, graphic design

Sherwin Teo, advertising / art direction

Sharvari Dorwat, advertising / art direction

Gautier Fenestraz, advertising / art direction

Andrea Sarnataro, advertising / art direction

Siliva Cutrera, advertising / copywriting

Jacob Grandt, advertising / copywriting

Evelina Sara Stasyte, graphic design / illustration

Megan Egan, graphic design / illustration

Kristina Samsonova, art direction

Sian Macfarlane, graphic design / typography

Daragh Andersøn, graphic design / creative digital

Jack Welles, art direction

Danae Gosset, graphic design

Arif Abdillah, art direction / digital advertising

Circle Lu, branding / digital design

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