D&AD New Blood: Product & Service Design

From a beauty brand challenging gender stereotypes to an online store helping interns take a stand against exploitation, we round up some of the Yellow Pencil-winning product and service design projects from this year’s D&AD New Blood Awards

Design is Work

Design is Work uses humour to campaign for an end to unpaid internships and help students and graduates take a stand against exploitation.

Web store designiswork.org stocks items that can be used to shame employers who refuse to pay staff or reward those who are treating interns fairly. Products are delivered anonymously and include minimum wage buttons, a pay me brick, and a digital shame rat, which is delivered via email with the message ‘Pay your interns!’ There’s also an ethics trophy for bosses who are paying staff and a t-shirt which reads: ‘I paid my interns and all I got was a more diverse group of talent who felt valued and invested in my business’.

Design is work shame rat

Creative team: Andrew Diemer, Niccolo Debole, John Fracchiolla
Tutor: Duncan Hamilton
College: Pratt Institute


all. is an inclusive beauty brand that defies gender stereotypes – packaging and adverts promote a message of equality, challenging brands who use body-shaming tactics and sexist messaging. The brand’s logo echoes its tagline, We Are All Equal, and creators Harry Burgess and Kristian Shepherd say the brand encourages consumers “to take off their masks and celebrate their true colours.”

All beauty 1
All beauty 2

Creative team: Harry Burgess, Kristian Shepherd
Tutors: Andy Bainbridge, Peter Thompson
College: University of Central Lancashire

Eats the same

Eats the same promotes healthy eating with a range of ‘edible cosmetics’. Foodstuffs from cucumber to salmon are packaged as beauty products to highlight their health benefits – natural astringent cucumber is described as a deodorant, brown rice as an anti-ageing cream and salmon as an eye energiser. As well as encouraging consumers to eat better, the campaign aims to offer an alternative to expensive toiletries which are often targeted at particular genders or age groups.


Creative team: Ines Ortiz Estefanell, Aida Iamrissi
College: Miami Ad School, Madrid


Fluhks offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging for products that contain no water, with 100% water soluble PVA bags.

Bags of shower gel are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes and each one contains a single dose of product. A reusable dispenser can be used to protect bags from getting wet and holds up to seven bags at a time:

Fluhks water soluble shower gel packaging designed by Arts University Bournemouth graduate Lewis Morgan
Fluhks packaging 2

Creative team: Lewis Morgan
Tutors: Marion Morrison, Phil Jones
College: Arts University Bournemouth

Get Poached

Get Poached is a partnership between LinkedIn and WWF that encourages job seekers to do charity work in return for professional endorsements.

The proposed membership scheme allows LinkedIn users to select from skills they’d like to learn – such as fundraising or leading a team – and choose from a list of activities that can help them practice those skills while assisting the charity. In return, they receive an endorsement that can be displayed at the top of their profile, demonstrating those skills and helping them stand out to potential employers:

Creative team: Ethan Bennett, Alicia Cliffe, Owen Hunter Jenkins, Katy Edelsten
Tutors: Marc Lewis, Ian Hands
College: Oaklands College, School of Communication Arts 2.0

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