Daily Monster Monster Maker App

Fans of Stefan Bucher’s Daily Monster series will be delighted to hear that he has created an app, which allows users to create their own monsters…

Fans of Stefan Bucher’s Daily Monster series will be delighted to hear that he has created an app, which allows users to create their own monsters…

The Daily Monster series began after Bucher set himself a task to draw a monster a day for 100 days. He filmed each drawing, and over the course of the project taught himself to animate the monsters. The first film is shown below, to view the others visit dailymonster.com.

Each monster begins with Bucher blowing ink across the page, so appropriately enough this is how the Monster Maker app starts too, as the images below demonstrate.

You can then draw on the image and add eyes, arms and legs etc via the ‘parts’ tab.

Here’s a monster I made earlier. Her name is Doris. Hello Doris.

If your monster-making should go awry, there is also the option to get an instant monster by pressing a big red button.

The app allows you to save any monsters you make, and also place your monsters into photographs. These can be new photos taken with your phone or iPad, or you can choose a photo from your library and put a monster into that.

The Daily Monster Monster Maker app is available for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad and is 69p or 99c. Download it from the iTunes store here.


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