David Lynch starring in What Did Jack Do?

David Lynch interrogates a monkey in surreal detective short

The seminal filmmaker goes head to head with a furry felon, which leaves us all wondering: what did Jack do?

Netflix has released a 15-minute short film by David Lynch, who stars alongside a talking monkey sporting what appears to be Lynch’s mouth. The short, titled What Did Jack Do? takes place in a locked down train station, and follows an interrogation between a detective (played by Lynch) and Jack, a ‘tormented’ monkey suspected of murder.

Between the vignetted, monochrome cinematography and endless close ups, the short feels like a warm ode to film noir. Though it’s not without Lynch’s hallmark twists and turns, from the nonsensical dialogue to the weird editing and, of course, a cup of Joe. “It’s just a simple question,” the detective says at one point. But, as with any Lynchian tale, it’s never a simple answer.

Before the dramatic conclusion of the short, which involves Jack’s love interest Toototabon, the monkey performs a rendition of True Love’s Flame written by Lynch and Dean Hurley, the supervising sound editor on Twin Peaks: The Return. The scene remains in keeping with much of Lynch’s back catalogue, which often features surreal musical performances.

While in recent years Lynch has been gaining attention for his art, critics and the public alike were evidently delighted when the short landed, demonstrating his indelible mark on the world of cinema – as well as Netflix’s ongoing embrace of the weirder pockets of visual culture.

What Did Jack Do? is available on Netflix now; netflix.com