David Stewart’s Paid Content takes a satirical look at ad agency life

The photographer’s series of ad world tableaux are a “vicious” and “timely” portrayal of some of the frustrations of life in advertising today, says Paul Belford

In the art world, opinion is divided on the greatest representation of Hell. Some favour ‘The Last Judgement’ by Renaissance artist Fra Angelico, c. 1431. Others give the nod to ‘Hell’ by Hieronymus Bosch, dated sometime between 1490 and 1510. Personally, I’m inclined to go for pretty much anything from photographer David Stewart’s‘Paid Content, 2016 – 2018, currently on view at the Wren London gallery.

If you can’t make it to the show, simply drop by your local multinational ad agency franchise, park yourself on the nearest beanbag right by the ‘break out zone’ and observe.

With these photographs, David Stewart simply holds up a mirror to highlight the ridiculous reality of everyday life in many of today’s agencies.