David Wilson directs Charon video for Keaton Henson

David Wilson has created this beautiful, if bleak video to accompany Keaton Henson’s fragile lament, Charon.

David Wilson has created this beautiful, if bleak video to accompany Keaton Henson’s fragile lament, Charon.

The film, which was shot in collaboration with Henson as well as John Malcolm Moore, features a bearded puppet suffering a traumatic emotional breakdown. “We wanted to reflect the darkness of the album and give the songs a face without necessarily having a video of me feeling sorry for myself,” says Henson, “so it felt right to have a puppet as a representation of me instead.”

The puppet was created by Jonny Sabbagh and was puppeteered on the shoot by Moore. “We managed to construct a journey that the puppet would go through in his mind over the course of the track so that every expression from the puppet was a result of his internal thought process rather than a response to the song lyrics; just like how actors work,” says Wilson. Preparatory sketches drawn for the shoot are shown below.

Directors: David Wilson, Keaton Henson, John Malcolm Moore
Puppet: Jonny Sabbagh
Production company: Colonel Blimp

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