Daytime hotel company Dayuse introduces sunny new branding

DesignStudio has created an uplifting brand identity for Parisian startup Dayuse, a hotel booking site encouraging daytime visitors to hotel spas, restaurants and office spaces

Founded in 2010, Dayuse is an online platform set on changing how people make use of hotels around the world. Rather than focusing on the usual overnight stays, the booking platform puts hotel spaces to use during the day, from spa and gym facilities to on-site bars and eateries, as well as rooms themselves which can be used for meetings (both business and personal).

“In a world of hotel-aggregator sites and black and white booking forms, Dayuse as a business, and now brand, is a burst of something different,” says DesignStudio, which created the branding.

The launch of the Dayuse branding comes after 18 months of disruption to the travel and tourism sector, and the introduction of new lifestyle patterns that are changing how and where we spend our days.

The new logo is inspired by a clockface, the shape of which is also embedded in the ‘Y’ of the wordmark, where one arm has been removed to give the appearance of the arms of a clock. The promotional assets lean into a similar idea with the use of timestamps.

DesignStudio wanted the branding to have a playful element, which comes through in the sunny palettes and a set of delightful illustrations by Berlin Michelle. The black outlines and use of boxes to frame the components tap into the aesthetic of a graphic novel or comic book, where scenes of people going about their day-to-day business are revealed.