December 2010: New York Magazine

Since 1968, New York magazine has aimed to reflect back at its readers the energy and excitement of the city itself…

Under the current editor-in-chief, Adam Moss, the magazine has expanded its coverage to national events and figures, combining long-form narrative features with distinctive photography and inventive design.

New York relies on information graphics to communicate information in powerful, efficient, playful, and humorous ways. Each issue of the magazine begins with a full-page graphic called Topic that investigates a contemporary news item through various data points and perspectives.

The remainder of the magazine’s Intelligencer section is textured with small diagrams (known in-house as ‘gadgets’) that illustrate one statistic uncovered that week by the editorial staff. In The Culture Pages, information graphics help digest a week’s worth of content from Vulture, New York’s online culture magazine, thus creating a highly visual and recognisable bridge between our digital and print publications.

On many occasions throughout the year, the magazine devotes significant resources towards covering a particular theme, from food to fashion to culture, politics and news. In each case,information graphics play a crucial role in relaying information.

Though their graphic ambition has come to define the modern New York, they are never considered an aesthetic luxury. They are tools we rely on to help us narrate the fast-moving story of New York City.

Chris Dixon
Design director
New York magazine

Founded in 1968 by Milton Glaser and Clay Felker, New York magazine covers, analyses and defines the news, culture and personalities that make New York City the capital of almost everything. In addition to its weekly magazine, the New York family includes, an up-to-the-minute news and information website;, a website for entertainment news and analysis; Grub Street, a national network of food blogs; and The images in this collection, overseen by design director Chris Dixon, were created for the magazine over the course of one year, from September 2009 to September 2011.

Design director: Chris Dixon
Art director: Randy Minor
Deputy art director: Hitomi Sato
Associate art director: Josef Reyes
Designer: Hilary Fitzgibbons
Designer: Raul Aguila

Contributing Designers
Stevie Remsberg
Michele Outland
John Sheppard
Justin Thomas Kay
Colin Tunstall

Jason Lee
Kagan McLeod

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