Deliveroo identity

Inside Deliveroo’s new visual identity

We hear from Deliveroo’s in-house agency about how they created a new identity fit for a global brand, and why its existing logo and teal colour weren’t up for discussion

When Deliveroo founder Will Shu moved to London in 2013, he discovered a city full of great local restaurants but was amazed to find that so few of them did delivery. Ten years later, and his business idea has helped overhaul traditional perceptions of greasy takeaways and transformed the food delivery market around the world.

A pivotal moment in the then startup’s story was its 2016 rebrand, which saw DesignStudio replace its original kangaroo logo with a more minimal ‘roo head’ symbol and introduce its distinctive teal brand colour. The business has grown enormously since then; now operating in ten markets worldwide, working with thousands of restaurants and grocers, and serving millions of customers. And as it grew, it became increasingly clear that it needed a visual identity fit for a global brand.