Deluxe Drawing

Since turning 60 last year, Penguin has been knocking out special editions of its back catalogue thick and fast, so you could be forgiven if you’ve gotten a little confused by them of late. However, as long as they continue to produce covers as beautiful as these, it seems churlish to complain

This new selection, part of the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition series, sees some of the most interesting contemporary illustrators around, including Tomer Hanuka, Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Charles Burns, create new covers for works from an eclectic range of authors, including Jack Kerouac, Hans Christian Andersen and Voltaire.

Highlights include Chester Brown’s jacket for DH Lawrence’s controversial classic Lady Chatterley’s Lover, where a simple comic storyboard shows the lovers in bed, with Oliver Mellors gloomily musing on men’s position in the world. On the back cover, things are considerably more cheery, as Brown creates a quick pictorial romp through Lawrence’s own history, sending up the author’s preoccupation with sex.

Similarly, Chris Ware gently satirises Voltaire’s Candide in his trademark style (even including a quote from the author on the back, saying, “They must have lost their minds if they think I wrote this trash”), while Jason turns Kerouac’s Dharma Bums drifters into Nirvana-seeking dogs.

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