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Overblown, conceptually thin, with nothing to say. Isn’t it time we demanded more from the design conference circuit, asks Rick Poynor

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More Obama Posters

Pro-Obama poster by Sam Flores
CR blog readers may recall we posted up two posters designed by Shephard Fairey of Obey in support of Barrack Obama earlier this year. Well, more of Barack’s graphically-able supporters are rallying to the cause – thanks to a collaboration between pro-Obama volunteer group, The 008, and San Francisco store, Upper Playground…

Corbis Readymech cameras

Peyote pinhole camera
For those of you who are fans of both old-fashioned camera techniques and origami, Corbis have created a website that might have just the thing for you.
The website has a number of camera designs that can be downloaded as pdfs and then printed off, with full instructions how to turn them into the workable pinhole cameras. Here is a selection of the designs, which were created by Fwis design studio especially for Corbis – we think they’re rather nice. Visit to join in the fun.

Alexander Scriabin: Multimedia Artist c.1910

Of the fourteen composers whose work was played out during Marina Frolova-Walker’s talk at the British Library last month, only one warranted the garish accompanying graphic to help describe his peculiar artistic condition. In A Revolution in Sound: Russian Avant-Garde Music of the 1910s and 1920s, Frolova-Walker described the work of the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin and played a section from his Prometheus Opus 60 (written in 1910). It began, as we heard, with a very mysterious chord; one that Scriabin could have no doubt described in some of the vivid colours featured on the keyboard above. Having a form of synaesthesia, what Scriabin wrote in sound, he saw in colour. It was this that drove him to try and create what would have been one of the most adventurous multimedia experiences ever performed…


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