Design District: Canteen wayfinding design

Category: Wayfinding; Entrant: Magpie Studio

Canteen is a market hall at the heart of the Design District – a new neighbourhood on the Greenwich Peninsula that’s been designed and equipped to provide a permanent home for London’s creative industries.

Canteen has a diverse audience and the wayfinding needed to catch the attention of passing Peninsula residents and O2 gig-goers, as well as workers and friends meeting for drinks.

To build clarity and immedi­acy, Magpie Studio led with large ­colour-coded pictograms that form a breadcrumb trail to their destinations. The central idea of visual navigation was then carried through to ­physical signage. Playful language is used throughout Canteen – informative but informal, the upbeat language sets the tone for a relaxed dining experience.

To allow flexibility within this new, multi-purpose space, the wayfinding adopts a modular and fully updatable pegboard system. A combination of primary colours and subtle transparencies, the system draws its vibrant colour palette and materiality directly from SelgasCano’s transparent, cloud-like building. This ensures that the signage stands out but also resonates with the built environment.

Design Studio: Magpie Studio
Creative Directors: David Azurdia, Ben Christie
Account Director: Natasha Sutton
Design Director: Heidi Shepherd
Designer: Hannah Muddle
Director of Design District: Helen Arvanitakis
Marketing Manager: Wiets Helwig
Operator: Prescient Group Manufacture & Installation: Standard8