Designer vs Developer #10: How to become a designer

Google Design Advocate Mustafa Kurtuldu talks to Yasmine Evjen, a Design Advocate on the Google Design Relations Team, about learning design skills and debate whether technical expertise helps or hinders the creative process

Designer vs Developer by Google Design Advocate Mustafa Kurtuldu is a series of videos aimed at improving understanding foster greater understanding between the two camps. Each video, in which Kurtuldu has a conversation with a different industry expert, is accompanied by an essay (below) which delves deeper into the topic discussed.

Every so often a non-designer will ask me “How can I learn to design?”. This seems to imply that design is a checkbox that you can tick, on a checklist of things. I think the reason for this confusion is in part due to the aesthetics being very prominent. The aesthetics appear superficial and, thus, give the illusion that ‘design’ is something you slap on at the end.