Designer vs Developer #12: How the Web Competes with Native

This is the last episode from Google Design Advocate Mustafa Kurtuldu’s YouTube and podcast series aimed at improving understanding between designers and developers. In this episode he speaks to Matt Gaunt, a Developer Programs Engineer on the Google Developers Relations Team, about progressive web apps and the challenges web developers face when compared to their native counterparts.

Designer vs Developer by Google Design Advocate Mustafa Kurtuldu is a series of videos aimed at improving understanding foster greater understanding between the two camps. Each video, in which Kurtuldu has a conversation with a different industry expert, is accompanied by an essay (below) which delves deeper into the topic discussed


Every generation of art and design seems to revolve around a political debate with the previous generation. On one side you have a custom, hand-made, personal approach to design and on the other you have a more uniform, systematic and functional perspective. From Realism Vs. Modernism to New Wave Vs. Swiss Design, the design debate pendulum swings from generation to generation.