Designer vs developer #18: Hacking user perception to make your apps feel faster

In this article Mustafa Kurtuldu discusses the different design devices you can use to make your experiences feel quick, inspired by a conversation he had with Ada Rose Cannon, Developer Advocate for the Samsung Internet Web Browser

Designer vs Developer by Google Design Advocate Mustafa Kurtuldu is a series of videos aimed at improving understanding foster greater understanding between the two camps. Each video, in which Kurtuldu has a conversation with a different industry expert, is accompanied by an essay which delves deeper into the topic discussed.

Ever wondered why when you call up a utility company and you are put on hold, they play music? Consider how you would feel if there was no music, just dead silence. CNN ran a survey that showed 70 percent of callers who are on hold in silence hang up within 60 seconds. Because the silence would make you think the line had perhaps disconnected, and the wait would actually feel longer. The idea is to fill the space and occupy your time.