Designer vs Developer #23: Designing for speed or friction

In this episode of the Designer vs Developer series, Google Design Advocate Mustafa Kurtuldu speaks to Adrienne Porter Felt, Engineer & manager at Google Chrome about designing for speed

Photo by Nick Reynolds on Unsplash

Designer vs Developer by Google Design Advocate Mustafa Kurtuldu is a series of videos aimed at improving understanding between what are often seen as two separate camps. Each video, in which Kurtuldu has a conversation with a different industry expert, is accompanied by an essay (below) which delves deeper into the topic discussed.

I have argued in the past about designing for speed and hacking user perception. I feel it is essential to employ several design devices to help reassure a user — or person — that something is happening. Alternatively, at the very least, let them know how long something could take, so you give them the freedom to choose whether to continue in an experience or not. Hacking user perception is all about giving the user control over their own decision making.

Designing for fast experiences and making tasks more comfortable and quicker have great results, for example making website forms autocomplete information, we see users complete them up to 30% faster. Which is great for them and great for web makers, however designing fast all the time might not always be the way to go.