Compound’s new branding blends the ancient and the futuristic

DesignStudio leaned into both age-old symbolism and futuristic visions in its identity for the healthcare brand

DesignStudio has partnered with Australian digital healthcare company Eucalyptus to build an enticing brand for its latest offering, Compound. Created with men’s health in mind, Compound is a data-driven programme that promises improved vitality, longevity and performance.

“From day one, we knew we were creating something special with the Compound team,” says James Duru, APAC principal at DesignStudio. “Their desire to build a product, brand, and experience with a unique point of view came through loud and clear in every conversation we had.”

The first priority for the DesignStudio team was to name the new programme, and, after deciding to “actively rebel against category codes for something deeper”, they landed on ‘Compound’.

“The name highlights the impact of long-term consistent positive action,” says the team. “It’s not just repetitive efforts which yield results but the small, incremental improvements, which when reinvested create lasting additional positive impact.”

From here, they developed a wordmark and icon that aims to speak to the values of the Compound brand. Driven by truth and insights, but rooted in a spiritual desire for better health, the brand logo evokes a similar balance between old and new, utilising symbols from “gothic history and ancient codes of strength and performance” and merging them with “futuristic visions of health”.

This approach informs the use of typography within the identity too, with Rhetorik by AllCaps and Neue Haas Grotesk coming together to create a fusion between the two worlds. These are found across the brand’s website, app, promotional materials, and merchandise.

Other aspects of Compound’s branding draw inspiration from the actual processes involved in the programme, such as the clinical grade diagnostics.

These can be seen in the image treatments which are reminiscent of the Dexa scan (a full body X-ray), and fluorescent tones and gradients that allow the identity to feel fittingly futuristic. Meanwhile more natural and organic shades and textures keep it grounded.

DesignStudio were keen for the brand experience to incorporate personal touches such as realistic, 3D headshots of users that are built using scanner software PolyCam, as well as user-created versions of the brand name that have been hand-drawn and which will appear throughout the user journey to nod to the fact that everyone’s experience is individual.

Charlie Gearside, founder of Eucalyptus, said that DesignStudio was invited to push the branding to “somewhere new and a little weird. DS pushed our tastes and belief in what a healthcare brand can look like.”