Desperados wants to get you dancing

The beer brand’s new app aims to get people to move, both for good health and to raise money for charity. And it features some lovely typography to offer encouragement

Created by agency We Are Pi in Amsterdam, the Dance Party app is designed to be used anywhere you feel like dancing, from at home to in a club.

Every move you make will then unlock rewards including festival tickets and VIP access. Plus for every 100 steps, Desperados will donate €1 to the Stonewall and Women in Music charities in a bid to make dancefloors safer and more accessible (this new initiative is a follow up to the brand’s previous campaign, Rave To Save, which raised money for the same charities).

The gamified aspect of the app is encouraged via its bold typography, which is designed to “dance with you” according to the agency. Animated type is applied to all key moments in the app, including winning a reward and the step counter, which mimics a dancing motion. The type features vibrant, changing colours against a black backdrop, which “hint at nightclub lights on the dancefloor”.

“Desperados Dance Club gamifies the dance floor,” says We Are Pi co-founder Rick Chant. “It’s an experience that hacks the tech already in everyone’s pocket and rewards participation with the things Desperados fans love.”

Plus it’s all good for our physical and mental health too, with a survey from the brand, conducted across the UK and Europe, revealing that dancing has the power to make people feel happier (79%) and transform a bad day into a good day (69%).

Agency: We Are Pi
Design: We Are Pi
App Build: Robot Kittens
Activation: Jack Morton Worldwide