Diesel: Pete The Meat Puppet

Legs/Farfar, Stockholm

Advertising gets more mysterious every day as evidenced by this website for Diesel, featuring a series of surreal films. Most bizarre of all is the opening short, The Rise and Fall of Pete the Meat Puppet, which sees the eponymous hero relay his rags to riches to rags story country-and-western style, complete with an irritatingly catchy chorus.

The website was the idea of ad agency Farfar in Stockholm, and the films are made by Legs, a direction and production studio based in New York and LA. “Farfar’s brief described a dark, surreal and mysterious internet station where every television convention was to be subverted,” says Legs. “It was a perfect fit for our tastes – a psycho-spiritual take on TV Party with Lynch meets Jodorowski visuals.”

Agency: Farfar, Stockholm
Art director: Johan Ohrn. Copywriter: Legs
Production company/director: Legs


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