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Difflam throat spray launches craft-focused campaign

Created with VMLY&R and Hudson Christie, the series of ads aim to personify the symptoms of a sore throat to drive brand awareness

Cold and flu season is still upon us with sniffles coming at us from all sides. So Difflam, the throat and mouth spray, has aptly launched a new print and digital campaign to drive brand awareness with the help of VMLY&R.

The Usual Sorespects employs three characters who personify a variety of classic sore throat symptoms. Featuring a cat, a boxer and a piñata, these characters bring to life the scratchy, inflamed throat feeling you get when you have a cold. 

VMLY&R Difflam

The ads have been created in collaboration with Canadian Hudson Christie, who is known for his hand-crafted clay and paper 3D creations. Simple yet playful, it’s an unusually craft-based approach for a pharmaceutical brand. 

In the past Difflam has been thought of as a more serious treatment for sore throats, but this more lighthearted approach aims to communicate that the over-the-counter product can in fact be used to relieve a range of common sore throat symptoms. 

“Naturally, it’s a busy period for those brands trying to reach the cold and flu market. So, to stand out from the crowd you need a few things to win,” says Christopher Joyce, creative director at VMLY&R. “Brutal simplicity, a level of craft your audience can’t help but appreciate, and bucketloads of warmth and charm.” 

VMLY&R Difflam
VMLY&R Difflam