Reshaping the face of tech with Catty Taylor

Through her inclusive tech collective Digi-Gxl and the Institute of Digital Fashion — a URL × IRL initiative shaking up the fashion industry — artist Catty Taylor is pushing the social and cultural boundaries of technology

Anyone who has worked in tech will know how intensely individualistic it can be – a competitive inner circle where knowledge gaps and an inability to assimilate can represent inferiority. This unofficial members’ club has for years been dominated by a narrow slice of the population and, as we have come to know through Silicon Valley horror stories unfolding in real time, those who govern our technology ultimately determine its output, which has far-reaching ramifications.

In a bid to break open the realm of technology, in 2019 digital artist Catty Taylor founded Digi-Gxl, a global collective of over 300 women, trans, intersex, and non-binary people working in digital media. With 3D design and animation as the broad focus, specialisms range from fashion and product design, AR and VR, motion design, creative coding, graphic design and beyond.

“I started Digi-Gxl because I wanted to find people I could relate to,” says Taylor, who studied textile design at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, and has since worked with fashion brands including Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Chloé. “Once I was creative directing larger campaigns, I wanted to be able to hire like-minded individuals and support others who were pushing themselves into this industry.”

Top: 3D-rendered adidas Originals x Alexander Wang campaign, creative directed by Catty Taylor; Above: Digital editorial for Vogue Italia by the Institute of Digital Fashion and creative director Rujana Cantoni