Disclosure, featuring Aminé and Slowthai: My High music video

Category: Music Video; Entered by: Island Records

Directed by Simon Cahn and featuring supercharged performances from Aminé and Slowthai, the My High video opens with a young guy arriving at ER. He’s taken care of, but in an unexpected turn of events suddenly finds himself going on a wild stretcher ride, back out of the hospital and into a number of tortuous scenes that take place around the city.  

Cahn wanted the video to be filmed in a very free and wild way. Taking inspiration from his mentor Spike Jonze, he used long lenses and handheld cameras to give the promo a documentary feel. While it was launched during the height of the global pandemic, the team managed to shoot the video just before lockdown between various locations across Mexico City and LA.

Director: Simon Cahn
Production Company: Division
Executive Producers: Theo Gall, Jules De Chateleux
Producer: Clémence Cuvelier
Executive Producers, Mexico: Gabriel Stavenhagen, Julian Torregorsa
Producer, Mexico: Juanelo Hernández

Producer Manager, Mexico: Karla Hernandez
Production Coordinator, Mexico: Leslie Herrera
Los Angeles Line Producers: Pj Sodaski, Eric Behrns
Production Coordinator: Lola Burelle
Production Assistant: Louise Roque-Genest
Office Manager: Nathalie Catanzano
1st Ad: Osvaldo Montaño
2nd Ad: Stefania Innocenti
Video Commissioner: Kevin Kloecker
Label: Angela Grech, Island Records
Disclosure Management: Sam Evitt, Jack Street, Max Gerrans, Adam Royal, Jordan Gregory, Lewis Levi (Method Music )

Key PA: Nahim Abuxapqui
Casting Directors: Maria Osado (Guerxos), Carlos Álvarez (Ojo), Dareg Gallo (Gallo)
Cast: Marco Escobar, April Wilson, Juanelo Hernández, Maria Ferez, Bryan, Carlos, Jose Luis, Jessica Guerrero, Juan Manuel, Ricardo Rojas, Mia Briseño, Daniela Gil, Samba Gil
DOP: Pat Scola
1st Ac: Ricardo Zamora
2nd Ac: Mario Hernandez
Gaffer: Lucio Gutiérrez
Location Manager: Victor Nava
Production Designer: Luis Luino
Art Coordinator: Gerardo Sierra
Decorators: Yadira Garcia, Erika Alezandra Carzul
Stylist: Ximena Barbachano
Stylist Assistant: Elia Galicia
Makeup & Hair Stylists: Gloria Serrano, Evelyn Leo
SFX: Jose Ángel Cordero
Stunt: Eduardo Gómez
VTR: Kori Rostro, Alin Diaz
Sound: Lisandro Baruch
Catering: Carlos Rodriguez, Jovani Hernandez
Editor: Yorgos Lamprinos
Color Grader: Mikey Pehanich, Blacksmith
Flame Artist: Vincent Heine
Sound Mix: Capitaine Plouf
Thanks: Mark Breeze, Kodak, Carlos Banuelos Filmlogic, Laure Salgon, Nick Walker