Dismaland’s dismal ad

It could/should have been great – an ad for Banksy’s satirical theme park, Dismaland. So why isn’t it?

It could/should have been great – an ad for Banksy’s satirical theme park, Dismaland. So why isn’t it?

The opening of Dismaland was all over the media last week as Banksy’s supporters and detractors debated its merits. Accompanying the launch is this two-minute ad-cum-trailer by Acme Films.


Imagine getting that as a brief – the fun you could have. Instead we have a pretty weak send-up of a Disneyland ad cut together with press shots of some of the exhibits. Maybe it’s meant to be part of the meta-ness of the whole thing but surely given the subject matter this could have been brilliant – brilliant in its awfulness even?

It’s pretty dismal, yes, but presumably not in the way its makers were intending.

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