Image of Burger King logo designed by JKR

Why distinctiveness is everything for brands

A new report from brand agency JKR and market research firm Ipsos asks, if being distinctive can make brands more successful, why are so many of them failing to do so?

There have never been more opportunities for brands to stand out than in today’s multifaceted world. Distinctiveness is one of the most powerful tools at their disposal when it comes to connecting with audiences; presenting a brand consistently across different platforms can increase revenues by up to 23%, according to YouGov.

Of the $4 trillion plus spent every year on marketing globally however, 85% of that is wasted on branded assets that will likely go unnoticed. The source of this surprising statistic is a new report titled Be Distinctive Everywhere. A collaboration between market research firm Ipsos and JKR, the agency behind major rebrands for everyone from Burger King to M&M’s, the report looks at how distinctiveness in a constantly shifting consumer landscape can increase the overall performance of any brand.

Alongside its work in other areas, such as financial services and politics, Ipsos has a history of analysing brand and creative effectiveness. When the company suggested doing something with JKR based on its data set spanning 500 brands in 25 markets, the agency jumped at the opportunity. “If you know us, you know our philosophy around distinctiveness, born of the Oscar Wilde quote that launched the agency 33 years ago: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’,” says chief growth officer Lee Rolston.