Diversity DIY: How gal-dem is championing new voices

We’ve heard a lot of talk about the need for more diversity in the media and creative industries, but real change remains slow. Liv Little and her editorial team at magazine gal-dem have opted to do it for themselves, creating a fresh new media outlet in the process

Gal-dem is a website mixing opinion pieces, interviews and reviews across politics, music, lifestyle and the arts. What sets it apart from all the other sites offering this kind of content, however, is its perspective: with an editorial team of mainly young women of colour, gal-dem is allowing voices that are largely unheard in the wider media take centre stage.

The magazine (which also publishes an annual print mag each September, to celebrate gal-dem’s birthday) was founded by Liv Little in 2016 while she was studying politics and sociology at the Universty of Bristol. “It was really born out of a desire to talk about issues in a less academic setting and a more relatable way,” she says. “But also to connect with other women and people of colour because there weren’t many of us at Bristol when I was studying there.


Milton Keynes