Division production company

Division’s guide to creating work that resonates

We speak to the lauded production company about the changing nature of the production landscape and why it’s harder than ever to make truly original work

Music videos have gone through a well-documented, tumultuous transition since the birth of MTV in 1981. The heyday of the MTV era in the 80s and 90s saw a spate of new production companies spring up to feed the insatiable appetite for cool music videos shot by big-name directors. By the early noughties though, the bubble had well and truly burst, budgets were slashed, and the production world increasingly focused its attention on the more viable option of making commercials.

While the halcyon days of MTV are long gone, the rise of video-focused social platforms such as YouTube and TikTok has seen a new wave of talent reinvigorating the music video model, says Division president Arno Moria, who co-founded the production company with Jules de Chateleux in 2010. “We had been expecting an opportunity that would contribute to developing directors and new ways of doing music videos,” he says. “And this is what happened basically; it was an intuition and the intuition was right.”

Over the last decade, Division has become one of the leading voices in the production landscape, with offices in Paris, LA and Sydney. It represents visionary creatives and filmmakers such as Gabriel Moses, Dougal Wilson and Walid Labri, and is behind hugely successful promos for the likes of A$AP Rocky and Megan Thee Stallion. The company’s early resonance in music videos also led it to the advertising space, which has seen the team work with brands ranging from Heineken to Nike.