DNA explained

London-based studio Territory has created a pleasingly retro three minute animation for BBC Knowledge that looks to explain what DNA is and how it functions…

London-based studio Territory has created a pleasingly retro three minute animation for BBC Knowledge & Learning that looks to explain what DNA is and how it functions…

Knowledge & Learning is actually a forthcoming website that the BBC is currently working on. The idea is that it will be full of content created specially by a dedicated editorial team that will range from various learning formats such as revision guides for students and BBC programme clips that can be used by teachers in classrooms – through to topical features around arts, food, science, history and health. Whatever the subject or format, the idea is that all of its content is “optimised for learning”.

The DNA video (below) by Territory is a great example of how the BBC are creating and commissioning new content specially geared towards making the digestion of complicated information that much easier.

BBC Knowledge Explainer DNA from Territory on Vimeo.

“It was evident to me from the start that we needed to find a graphic style that would communicate the beauty and intricate function of DNA,” says Territory’s William Samuel who directed the film, “so we came up with a simple geometric look that focused on form, movement and colour.”

“I also wanted to create some nostalgia, taking the audience back to the days of textbook diagrams and old science documentaries such as Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Charles and Ray Eames’ 1977 Powers of Ten film which was distributed by IBM,” he explains of the graphic approach.

“Our aim was to combine all this whilst maintaining a consistent flow to the animation, keeping the double helix theme at its centre throughout,” adds Samuel.

See more of Territory’s work at territorystudio.com.


Client BBC Knowledge
Studio Territory Studio
Creative director David Sheldon-hicks
Art director William Samuel
Producer Sam Hart
Writer Andrew S Walsh
Dr Mathew Adams
Voice director Andy S Walsh
VO actor Simon Poland
Animation director William Samuel
Animation Alasdair Wilson, David Penn, Marti Romances, William Samuel
Sound track and mix Room 24

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