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When it was time for Greenpeace to build a replacement for its famous ship, the Rainbow Warrior, DDB Paris came up with an idea to let everyone contribute, no matter their budget


DB Paris created this website for Greenpeace to help raise money for a new Rainbow Warrior ship (following the retirement of the second Rainbow Warrior last summer, after 22 years of service). Rather than just ask its audience for funding in the traditional manner, the charity created an elegantly designed website that allowed visitors to explore the ship. Also on the website was a shop listing the individual items that the new ship required, which visitors could then buy. Everything from the sails and the rudder to elaborate technical equipment was available for purchase, with the price of the objects ranging from one Euro to 7,000 Euros, meaning that it was open to donors of all price brackets.

The unusual, and individual, approach of the website certainly captured the attention of its target audience, and attracted millions of visitors. All those who contributed to the building of the new Rainbow Warrior ship received a certificate in recognition of their gift, and their name also appears on a list of donors displayed on the ship itself. Greenpeace describes the project as its most successful fundraising campaign of the decade.

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