Do your hair the Uniqlo way

Uniqlo has launched a new website that gives you 16 different hairdos to go with outfits from the brand’s new collection…

Uniqlo has launched a new website that gives you 16 different hairdos to go with outfits from the brand’s new collection…

The site, called Uniqlo Hairdo, is created by Projector, the Japanese studio (who also now has an office in New York) behind Uniqlock and a number of other projects for the brand. Beautifully designed, it uses a mix of photography (by Carl Kleiner) and animated gifs to take you through each stage of creating the ‘dos.

Here’s how you create ‘The Kristy Bow’ for example:

This look doesn’t seem to make the model that happy, but if you feel that way too, there are plenty of other choices on the site.

The website is linked to Uniqlo’s recently opened Pinterest site. It is one of a number of ‘Life Tools’ websites and apps created for the brand by Projector. Another is Uniqlo Recipe, an app made in collaboration with six chefs who have created recipes in response to Uniqlo’s clothes. But the real charm lies in the Hairdo site, which can be found online at

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