Doconomy: The 2030 Calculator

Category: Craft & Technical Innovation; Entered by: Farm

The 2030 Calculator was launched by Swedish fintech startup Doconomy to help brands and suppliers better understand the carbon footprint of the products and materials they produce, as well as allowing them to share this with consumers so they can make an informed choice.

To complete a product carbon footprint calculation, the user has to provide detailed and accurate information on the weight and material of each product part, or on each piece of packaging material, as well as information on the suppliers, manufacturing facilities and distributors involved in its creation. From there an accurate carbon footprint of the product can be ascertained.

The 2030 Calculator has been endorsed by UNFCCC and the University of Oxford, and more than 3,000 product calculations have already been made on the platform.

Client: Doconomy
Head of Innovation/ECD: Johan Pihl
CEO: Mathias Wikström
Head of Impact Banking: Johanna Landberg
Design Director: David Lindström
Head of Åland Index Solutions: Helena Mueller
Creative Agency: Farm
Creative Director: Rasmus Keger
Platform Strategy: Shawn McKell
CEO: Petronella Panerus
Account Director: Jacob Odqvist
Graphic Designer: Marcus Nystrand
Business Development: Lisa Malmros
Chief Disruption Officer: Jari Ullakko
Creative Director: Magnus Jakobsson, NoA
PR Director: Charlotte Henriksson, Gullers
Business Designer: Patrik Kvant, Jungle Design
Tech Designer: Ashley Stephenson, Jungle Design
UX Designer: Zlatko Corluka, Jungle Design

UI/UX Designer: Peter Venglarcik, Vacuum Labs
Software Engineer:
Tomas Fabry, Jan Smolko, Vacuum Labs
Senior Designer:
Gustav Nordebrink, Nordebrink Studio
LCA Data Consultancy: 2050
LCA consultants: Henrik Sundberg, Tony Lanz, Jonas Persson
Expo 2020 Senior Advisor: Jessica Bjurström