Do dogs dream of flying planes?

Microsoft imagines the inner life of the family pooch in its Find Your Joy (A Dog’s Dream) campaign, which shows dogs doing everything from playing Minecraft to joining a Teams call

Most dog owners will have wondered what their pet is dreaming about as they lie, paws a-twitch, on the sofa. In an attempt to answer this eternal question, Microsoft has embarked on quite the flight of fancy with a festive ad that envisions doggie dreams filled with action and adventure.

In the film, family dog Rufus finds himself vying for attention as his humans are distracted by their laptops, phones and tablets. Bereft of belly rubs, he takes himself off for a nap and enters an imaginary realm where he and his friend fly planes using Microsoft Simulator, romp through Minecraft worlds – as pixelated versions of themselves – host video calls, and play Halo.

Microsoft even commissioned design studio Blockworks to create Dogtopia in Minecraft, filled with bone-shaped trees, a fire hydrant fountain and a doggie Mount Rushmore.

It’s all joyously silly, and even if you’re not a dog lover you have to admire the brand’s dedication to detail and willingness to poke fun at its own products.

Agency: McCann New York
CCOs: Sean Bryan, Tom Murphy
Global ECDs: Shayne Millington, Piper Hickman
Creative directors: Ferdinand Daniele, Stephanie Cajucom
Creatives: Gabie Fleischer, Jessica New, Gonzalo Hergueta, Yung Lee, Malik Dupree
Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro


Milton Keynes