Dominic Wilcox on his whimsical inventions

Dominic Wilcox takes everyday objects and actions into the realm of the unusual, with results as varied as a Stained Glass Car to an art exhibition for dogs. He’s now helping kids to realise their own inventive ideas

Surely even the most hardened of hearts would muster a chuckle on seeing a grown man trying (and often, failing) to fill a cereal bowl using a bright yellow digger which just so happens to be strapped to his head.

There’s something inherently funny, too, in the idea of a self-driving car, constructed from beautiful yet shatter-prone stained glass; especially when the inhabitant is encouraged to sleep during the journey. And who wouldn’t raise a smile at the Pre-Handshake Handshake Device, a tank containing two large rubber gloves, accessible from either side of the box, that “aims to help those who are at odds with each other make a first move toward reconciliation”. It does this by “lowering the bar for initiating reconciliation from the heights of the full contact hand-on-hand handshake to a more palatable non-contact handshake”.