Has Trump killed the colour orange?

Trump’s tangerine tint has inspired funny nicknames, hilarious memes, witty placards and controversial magazine covers. But has the association between the man and the faultless colour negatively impacted the latter?

In recent times few political figures have been as divisive as Trump. And fewer still have provided as much material for satire. Even before getting to what he says and does, his physical form has given his critics a lot to mock – the ill-fitting suit, the ‘worryingly’ long tie, the allegedly smaller-then-they-should-be hands, the comb over, the general clumsiness (remember the toilet paper on his shoe?) and of course, his orange spray tan.

Google Search Trends suggest an interest in ‘Why is Donald Trump orange?’ began in the lead up the 2016 elections, with search volumes peaking in November of that year. But the interest in his tangerine tone hasn’t waned since, with everyone from make-up artists offering tips on how to tone down the orangeness to tanning historians investigating the deeper socio-political meaning of his hue. His tan has inspired a number of delightful colour-themed nicknames, like Agent Orange, Cheeto Jesus, Screaming Carrot Demon and a personal favourite, Mango Mussolini; each moniker rich with layers of subtext.