New Dove campaign highlights discrimination against Black hair

The campaign, created for the US market, is linked to a petition that aims to make race-based hair discrimination illegal in all 50 US states

Dove’s ad campaign arrives in the wake of new research by the brand which reveals that Black girls can experience discrimination about the way they wear their hair from the age of five.

The moving spot opens with the story of a young girl being encouraged to love her hair by her father, only to discover that her braids don’t fit her school’s hair policy. It then goes on to illustrate other examples of hair bias in schools and workplaces.

The spot forms part of a wider movement by creatives and photographers to celebrate natural Black hair and to encourage understanding of the complex emotions it can evoke in the Black community. Dove’s ad prompts viewers to sign a petition to advocate for the passing of the Crown Act – legislation to make race-based hair discrimination illegal in the US.

The story portrayed in the film comes directly from the experiences of its writer/director, Aisha, and is part of Dove’s long-standing campaign to promote positive ideas of beauty.

“Showing this story and knowing how it will be recognised by so many people is a delicate balance,” says Daniel Fisher, Ogilvy global executive creative director of the work. “Aisha’s beautiful direction and lead on this work gives me hope that more organisations and educational establishments will do the right thing and sign the Crown Act petition.”

Creative & Production: Ogilvy & Swift
Director: Aisha